Beyond the Farm: A Table Ready for Adventure

Cultivating Connections Through Culinary Excellence

Pebble Creek Mushrooms emphasizes a farm-to-table experience that revolves around strong partnerships with chefs and general managers, focusing on providing value-added programs. These programs are designed to assist in menu creation, recipe development, cost analysis, staff training on mushroom cultivation, and enhancing social media presence. Their approach is tailored to meet the evolving consumer demand for healthy food options while helping restaurants control food costs, positioning themselves as a proactive partner in culinary innovation and sustainability.

Biologist On Staff
Invested Over 100K into our Lab
Premium Product Quality Control
Jim Case and team at Pebble Creek Mushrooms farm
Gourmet mushroom dish with a variety of fresh mushrooms
Gourmet mushroom dish with a variety of fresh mushrooms
Gourmet mushroom dish with a variety of fresh mushrooms
Gourmet mushroom dish with a variety of fresh mushrooms

Meet the Visionary Behind Pebble Creek

Embarking on a transformative journey, the Case family’s venture into the realm of gourmet mushrooms is a tale of resilience, passion, and a profound connection to the essentials of life. In the wake of a life-altering accident, Jim Case was bestowed with a renewed outlook on existence, compelling him to cherish the quintessence of joy found in the embrace of family and friends. This pivotal moment marked the inception of Jim’s quest to explore his long-held fascination with gourmet mushrooms. Immersing himself in the study under the tutelage of esteemed experts and dedicating years to Mycology, Jim embarked on a path of discovery and enlightenment.

With an extensive background spanning restaurant development and the health supplement industry, Jim charted a new course aimed at fulfilling his aspirations for a lifestyle epitomized by health, sustainability, and the highest standards of living. His wealth of business acumen and professional expertise synergized with his fervor for cultivating premium-quality mushrooms, underscored by the cherished connections he nurtures within his community. At the heart of Jim’s endeavor lies a commitment to chefs and restaurants, offering an unparalleled source of the finest locally grown gourmet mushrooms, thereby enhancing culinary creations with unmatched flavor and quality.

“Pebble Creek” is not merely a farm; it represents a beacon of community and education, where the principles of self-sufficiency through sustainable agricultural practices are imparted. We hold a steadfast belief that our essence is intertwined with the community we serve and the knowledge we share. From our farm to your table, we invite you to partake in the journey of exceptional taste and the pursuit of a life enriched by the natural bounty of the earth.

Jim Case and team at Pebble Creek Mushrooms farm
Jim Case and team at Pebble Creek Mushrooms farm
Sustainable mushroom cultivation at Pebble Creek Mushrooms
Pebble Creek Mushrooms farm to table initiative
Jim Case and team at Pebble Creek Mushrooms farm
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Specialty Organization

Pebble Creek Produce


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Local Farm of the Year

Pebble Creek Produce


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James Beard Award

Hops 84th St Using Pebble Creek Mushrooms

Our Philosophy: Quality, Sustainability, Community

Pebble Creek Mushrooms stands as a beacon of quality in the world of gourmet produce. What began as a simple idea has grown into a company that prides itself on offering a diverse range of mushrooms, each cultivated to perfection. Our approach combines traditional farming techniques with innovative practices, ensuring that every mushroom not only meets but exceeds our high standards.

Beyond our commitment to quality, Pebble Creek Mushrooms is dedicated to sustainability and education. We strive to minimize our environmental footprint through eco-friendly farming practices and aim to educate our community about the benefits of mushrooms, both for health and for the environment. Our vision extends beyond just selling mushrooms; we’re building a movement towards mindful consumption and a deeper appreciation for the natural world.



Pebble Creek Biologist

Danielle is a dedicated biologist with a profound passion for mycology and cultivating high-quality mushrooms for the local culinary scene. Her love for exploring the world sparked a deep appreciation for nature’s intricacies. After receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from WMU, she worked in multiple laboratories before immersing herself in the mycology world at Pebble Creek. Since joining the family farm, Danielle found herself at the forefront of a new chapter as the company recently invested over 100k into a new lab.

With a keen eye for detail and understanding of fungal biology, Danielle plays a vital role in ensuring the farm produces top-notch gourmet mushrooms. Through experimentation and data analysis, Danielle continuously seeks to optimize cultivation techniques, maximize yield and enhance the quality of the final product. Driven by a commitment to sustainability and supporting local businesses, Danielle’s work helps embody the farm-to-table ethos. By contributing to each harvest, she’s nurturing a culture of excellence in mushroom farming that enriches both palates and communities alike. Danielle continues to be a key factor in Pebble Creek winning multiple awards and species development.

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