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Welcome to the Pebble Creek Mushrooms Frequently Asked Questions Page where you will find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about mushroom cultivation.

What is a Liquid Culture?

A liquid culture is a suspension composed of nutrient rich broth and living mycelium. Liquid cultures are well known to be a fantastic way for hobbyist and expert mycologists alike to propagate mushrooms.

What is Mycelium?

Mycelium is a root-like structure of fungus consisting of a mass of branching thread like hyphae. It is the vegetative part of a mushroom and is typically found within the substrate that is unique to each species of mushroom.

What do oyster mushrooms grow on?

Oyster mushrooms typically grow out of dead logs or other decomposing hard wood substrates. In commercial settings it is common practice to make hard wood blocks from hydrated hardwood sawdust pellets and soy husks or straw.

How long is my liquid culture viable for after I've received it?

Once received and prior to use, your liquid culture syringe will remain viable for up to 3 months if stored under proper refrigeration. We recommend using your liquid culture syringe in one sitting to avoid the development of any possible contamination that could occur during the inoculation process.

Do I wash the mushrooms when I use them?

While mushrooms can be washed directly prior to being used, it is not recommended to wash them but rather brush away any noticeable substrate with a clean stiff bristled tool. The substrate we use to grow our mushrooms is sterilized prior to growing and they are grown in a sterile environment so the product is still quite clean when it gets to the consumer.

How do I store them for longevity?

It is recommended to store in a cardboard box or other breathable storage container with a piece of dry paper towel or a dry towel on top.

What oyster mushrooms are paired best with fish?

While this can be a subjective question based on the fish being served as well as other accouterments to the dish, it is our opinion that golden oyster mushrooms are the best variety to serve with a wide range of fish due to their delicate flavor and texture.

Is Lion’s Mane Mushroom good for you?

The short answer is YES! Not only is lion’s mane mushroom a delicious mushroom that can be used as a meat substitute, it also has been shown to support cognitive function when consumed with regularity.

Does Pebble Creek fulfill international shipping requests?

No, Pebble Creek Mushroom Farm does not provide international shipping at this time.

Does Pebble Creek Mushroom Farm validate tax exemption for Agricultural businesses?

Yes, Pebble Creek Mushroom Farm provides the ability to apply for tax exemption for agricultural businesses. Proper documentation is required for verification and needs to be submitted as well as approved prior to purchasing any products in order to receive exemption.

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