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Focused on selling only the highest/freshest quality mushrooms to Restaurants and Chefs.

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Our story

The Case family’s journey to growing gourmet mushrooms began several years ago. After surviving a near fatal accident, Jim found a new perspective on life and reconnected with the things most important to him. His focus turned toward those things that bring the most joy, including family and friends.

One thing in particular Jim sought out to do was to study his dream of growing gourmet mushrooms, and he began to learn from leading experts in the field for many years along with his Mycology studies.

After several years in the restaurant development business and the health supplement industry, Jim was on a new path to reach his goals for a healthier, more sustainable quality of life. His business background and career experience have become the perfect complements to his passion and desire for offering the highest quality mushrooms, equally accompanied by the relationships Jim holds very dear to him.

Jim’s focus is on Chefs and Restaurants from a grow and supply perspective. Chefs will find tremendous value in serving only the finest locally grown gourmet mushrooms.

From our farm to your table. It is our belief that without community and the opportunity for teaching others how to self-sustain through growing practices, our self being wouldn’t be completed.

The finest locally grown gourmet mushrooms – from our farm to your table. Trusted by award-winning restaurant chefs, health Food Retailers, and individuals alike for our uncompromising standards.

We are a Farm to Table producer of Organic Gourmet Culinary Mushrooms.

Pebble Creek Produce | Business Member Spotlight – Courtesy of Consumers Credit Union

We grow based on the use of our own grown spores produced in our laboratory,  the blocks are then donated to local farmers etc. in order to use as an extremely high valued compost.

Our focus shifts to our lab work.  Max is the key to our spore/grow/produce some of the highest quality Cultures and Spawn for other growers.  Our versatile team members come from diverse backgrounds complemented by over 30 years of Business Development experience. Our team is aligned in our mission to operate as a Family Farm, focused on solid values.

Our team always emphasizes the desire and passion for not just being the grower of the mushrooms, but educators as well.   We do this by offering our experience with front of the house as well as back of the house training and have recently partnered with Chef Robert Repp of Hops at 84 East to win the James Beard Award for their famous Mushroom Burger.

Jim and Susan understand and live the true local farmer life. Their shared interests and desire for a happier, healthier life has become even brighter now that they are traveling this wonderful journey together.

Our team would like to thank you for stopping by the website and we look forward to building relationships with those interested in the amazing local products from Pebble Creek Mushrooms.

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